The fight against invasive species continues in March

Rota Vicentina continues the fight against invasive species and we need help. Sign-up and join us in this battle!


In the last weekend of March, we will be carrying out two important activities to control  invasive species. These activities will occur in the sensitive ecosystems of Alteirinhos (Zambujeira do Mar) and Malhão (Vila Nova de Milfontes), where our long-term volunteers have been working since the beginning of the year.

On Saturday, the 30th of March, we will be able to count on the help of thirteen 10th grade students from Odemira’s secondary school. They will help us to remove and cut chorão and acácias near the Alteirinhos beach.

On Sunday, the 31st of March, we will go to Malhão to carry out the same activity, but this time with fifteen volunteers that are willing to join us. If you’re interested in helping, you can sign-up here.