Rota Vicentina Volunteering Schedule for February and March

The program of volunteering and maintenance activities at Rota Vicentina continues! With the arrival of spring, we invite our existing volunteers and new enthusiasts alike to help taking care of the trails and of this region.


In February and March, there will be several maintenance hikes as well as activities aimed at controlling the invasive species. Some of these will be led by the volunteers of the Life Volunteer Escapes project as part of their work in Rota Vicentina. During a total period of three months, the three volunteers that arrived in January – Leonor Pires, Francisco Sousa and Rafael Silva – will develop activities regarding control of invasive species, maintenance of Rota Vicentina trails and environmental education.

Since November 2018, another volunteer of ours  – Mara Skredele – has accompanied maintenance walks and captured some of the magical moments of our hikes on her camera. Mara has arrived from Latvia for her EVS (European Voluntary Service) and will work with Rota Vicentina for one year. She contributes to documenting activities of Rota Vicentina through photography and writing and is involved into maintenance of trails and communication with other volunteers.

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