Monitoring Rota Vicentina

Since its beginning in 2012, the Rota Vicentina Association is concerned about its impact in this territory.


If leaving no footprint is almost an utopia, we are focused in minimizing our negative impact on the region. Thus, from 2013, the project has been developing an environmental study, which has, five years later, demonstrated that the impact of walkers in the area surrounding the routes exists, but is not significant. Hikers stay on the marked trails, protecting the species that live around them.

In 2017, two socioeconomic studies were also launched. They indicated that, annualy, the region welcomes 24 thousand hikers in low season. This market generates an added value of 15 million euros, with a direct impact on the local economy of 8 million.

On the social level, the trails cross less touristy places, and so the passage of the walkers is an alternative for the isolation of the local communities, as they also help maintain small local businesses along the routes.

Monitoring is a continuou activity in Rota Vicentina project, and its results will be published regularly.