Charming, quirky and luxurious small hotels in RV - in Forbes

Luxury tourism journalist Ann Abel wrote an article at Forbes with a suggestive title: "Beautiful Beaches at the End of the Earth: Exploring Portugal's Rota Vicentina”.



Ann Label begins by confessing that she fell in love with Lisbon so much that she moved to this city. But she quickly emphasizes that Portugal is much more than the capital. And Rota Vicentina is one of the experiences not to be missed.

The trails are widely praised, with "fields carpeted with yellow and white flowers beneath the gorgeously gnarled cork trees and oaks”, “coastal landscape awash in succulents with pink and purple blossoms” and “towns as traditional as could be, with whitewashed houses with bright blue or yellow trim”.

But it was the tourist offer that touched Ann Label. Her trip was programed by We Love Small Hotels, widely praised for its organization and ability to adapt to the traveler's interests. O Sacas Restaurant and its octopus and fresh fish, and Altinho - which Ann liked so much that she returned on the same trip -, also pleased the journalist.

But “to be fair, I loved the small hotels they picked out for us. For a country of only about 10 million people, Portugal has an abundance of charming, quirky and luxurious independent small hotels”. Ann experienced Herdade da Matinha, Herdade do Touril, Casas do Moinho e Quinta do Chocalhinho.

“In the mornings, it was sometimes hard to leave—not when we could linger over the delicious Alentejo bread, homemade jams and Portuguese coffee and enjoy some sort of countryside view. But each day, taking in the beautiful of the trail made us grateful to be outside and alive in the south of Portugal”.

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