An example of sustainable progress – VoxEurop

Sustainable tourism in environmental and social terms. This is how Rota Vicentina is described by Lorenzo Ferrari in the VoxEurop site


“We expect the number of tourists to grow a lot in the next years, but we have to make sure that this does not come at the expense of the environment nor of the local way of living”.  This is one of the main concerns of Rota Vicentina, as Marta Cabral, head of board, explains to Lorenzo Ferrari that is important not “to kill the local identity”.

The italian journalist admits that this way of thinking is what makes the Portuguese experience particularly interesting, and in this case, the Rota Vicentina experience.

Not only are the major touristic operators heard, but also the local entrepeneurs, peasants and fishermen. As an association, and quoting Marta Cabral: “We [Association Rota Vicentina] are the people”. The project was created, voted, thought and build by the locals, in an inclusive and democratic process. “This balance is very delicate to achieve, so we pay a lot of attention to keeping control on the developments that are taking place”, concludes Marta Cabral.

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