A paradise called Alentejo - Womanword

Rocío Pastor Eugenio is a woman traveler and joins this passion to the love of nature, gastronomy and new experiences. All this she found on the days spent in Rota Vicentina.


She describes herself as an international lifestyle traveler, and for this reason, Rocio seeks not only places but also outstanding experiences. In this search, she has traveled all over the world. And in Rota Vicentina, she found a universe of genuineness, where simplicity is made on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, always with time to drink a glass of local wine, or try one of the typical dishes of the region.

For this reason, Rocio wrote a text full of tips and suggestions, in the first person. In addition to hiking and enjoying stunning scenery, she describes her experiences in several of the partners of the Rota Vicentina Association, highlighting A Ilha restaurant, Herdade da Matinha, Naturarte Campo, Quinta do Chocalhinho, Santa Clara Country Hotel, Guarda Rios, and O Sacas and Porto das Barcas restaurants.

Read the full text (in Spanish) here