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Vicentina Coast


Atalaia Walking specializes in guided hiking tours in the Vicentina Coast and promises much more than a simple walk, it guarantees an experience.

Here the guide becomes a storyteller, revealing the secrets of the surrounding nature and taking you on a real journey of the senses.

The Atalaia Walking experience aims to enhance, promote and invigorate not only the natural beauty of the region, but also the local culture, the people, their crafts and traditions.

In addition to the experience of trekking along the trails that run through the wild landscape of the Vicentina Coast,, such as the Atalaia, the villages, the smugglers, the shellfish gatherers or the finisterra trails trail and the Rota Vicentina itself. You can also take advantage of thematic experiences that transport the visitor to another dimension, in which the landscape traversed gains life and history.

Give yourself a treat by experiencing the wild mushroom trail, the bee trail, the shellfish trail or the meditation walk. Take the unique opportunity to watch how to catch and cook these fresh local products and take away memories not only of the landscape and its people, but also the aromas and flavours of the Vicentina Coast.



Main activities:


Recommended season:

Trekking: all year
Wild mushroom trail: Nov-March
Bee trail: Spring
Vegetable garden trail: Jul-Sep
Shellfish trail: Spring and Summer (depends on sea conditions)
Meditation walk: all year

Geographic area:

Rota Vicentina in the Algarve


Nicolau da Costa
Travessa 1º de Maio nº2
8650-301 Raposeira
T: (+351) 282 639 317
M: (+351) 967 932 206


Available upon request

Spoken languages:

Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Catalan

Minimum groups:

Min 1 pax
Max 14 pax

Payment methods:

Cash or money transfer



Trekking - 30€
Wild mushroom trail - 30€
Bee trail - 50€

Vegetable garden trail - 50€
Shellfish trail - 40€
Meditation walk - 50€




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